Mrs Goodwin

My carpets came up so much better than I thought they would. Thank-you.

Mrs Orriss

We are very pleased with the results of the carpet clean yesterday. The lounge carpet looks amazing. The coffee stain came out completely!

Mrs Mann

An excellent job on our carpets. Very pleased.

Katina Orriss, Harlington

Thank-you for removing the soot stains from my one year old, cream, lounge carpet.  I had tried a shop bought stain remover to no avail and was resigned to the fact that the stains were permanent.  You arrived a few hours after I had phoned and worked miracles.   Thank-you once again.

Annie Hooper, Harlington

What a difference now that the colour to my carpet has returned. You’ve saved me a couple of thousand pounds. Thank-you.

Kevin Martin, Harlington

Super impressed with the service. Arrived on time and my god do my carpets look good. The price was slightly more than another cleaner I have previous used, however this was by far a more superior clean. Well worth every penny, thank you.