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5/5  ·  17th June 2022 by of Barton-Le-Clay
Upholstery Cleaning
Steven and Jan did a fantastic job on our carpets and upholstery. Having a dog creates dirt you see and sometimes don’t see, so we really needed this service. I didn’t think our kitchen upholstery would clean completely of some of the stains but they came up really well. I would definitely recommend this company. They work really hard (it was 30 degrees on the day they came) but they worked through the heat and humidity to produce excellent  results.

Mrs.N.Rose, Hitchin

Carpet looks amazing. Thank-you. Can’t believe so many stains went. Have a good Christmas.


Ms. Jo Whiley

Thank-you very much for your work today. We really appreciate the results you achieved.

Mrs. Goodwin, Harlington

My carpets came up so much better than I thought they would. Thank-you.

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