Fabric Upholstery Cleaning

Most upholstery fabrics are wet cleanable but not all, so it is important to carry out a survey to decide how to proceed:

    1. The first step is to quantify the degree of soiling and staining on the fabric as either light, moderate or heavy.
    2. Then we establish the type of fibres present as this will help determine whether the fabric will give up or retain the soiling or staining.  This test also confirms if it is wet or dry cleanable.
    3. Next we carry out a test to determine if the dyes are stable or if there is a possibility that they might migrate to adjacent lighter coloured areas.
    4. We then test for potential shrinkage.
    5. Sensitive fabrics such as brocades and chintzes are checked to see if they are adversely affected by the cleaning process.
    6. Finally, any pre-existing damage is noted such as loose tassels or braid, wear, fading or yellowing.

With the survey complete we can start cleaning the upholstery fabric:

  1. First, we thoroughly vacuum all the pieces to be cleaned. This is an important step and a great deal of time is spent removing as much dry soiling as possible.
  2. Next, these items are uniformly wet or dry cleaned using the correct method and equipment.
  3. At this stage we can attempt stain removal but not before. This ensures effective stain removal and minimises the risk of ring marking.
  4. Finally, any excess moisture is wiped off with a clean, white terry towel and if circumstances dictate we can install a turbo fan in the room to hasten drying.

So what are the different methods of cleaning upholstery fabric mentioned at stage 1 and which one do we utilise? 

Well the answer depends on how dirty the items are and the condition of the fabric:

Low Soiling under this category there are two ways to clean upholstery fabrics that are in very good condition.  These methods can be used as a regular maintenance system to remove light, greasy surface soil so as to keep the furniture in pristine condition.

  • by spraying a water based solution onto the fabric and wiping off with a quality, absorbent towel. The fabric should be touch dry within an hour.
  • by spraying a spirit based cleaner onto natural velvets and other hypersensitive fabrics or fabrics with loose dyes and then, again, wiping off with a quality, absorbent towel. Dry in about two hours.

Medium Soiling – there are two ways of cleaning upholstery fabrics that are in good condition, with no visible wear and showing medium soil build up on body contact areas.

  • by applying a crystallising shampoo by sponge.  This method is fast drying, one to two hours, and is mainly used on furniture that is grubby rather than greasy.
  • by spray cleaning with a spirit based cleaning solution on hypersensitive fabrics. Drying takes about twenty-four hours.

Heavy Soiling – this method is for wet cleanable fabrics only that are in good condition, again with no visible wear but very heavily soiled.

  • the worst areas are sprayed with a pre-treatment and then the whole suite is rinsed out using a spray extraction machine with drying taking 6-8 hours on a hot summer’s day and 24 hours in the winter with the heating on.

Just a quick clip to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Eco Friendlier upholstery cleaning products. This armchair cushion hasn’t been cleaned since the chair it sits on was purchased 10 years ago. A lot of the soiling was from the natural oils found in the coat of the family dog that also left a slight “doggy” odour. We were able to remove both the odour and the layer of grease using our latest Eco Friendlier upholstery cleaning products. These are plant based and derived from renewable/sustainable sources and are fully biodegradable.


Here’s what our customers have to say about our work………

5/5  ·  19th October 2020 by of Ampthill
Upholstery Cleaning
We are absolutely delighted with the work you and your wife did, our home feels clean. Thank-you
5/5  ·  24th August 2020 by of Flitwick
Upholstery Cleaning
Thank you very much, the sofas and carpets look great. Long may that last!
5/5  ·  17th June 2020 by of Bushmead
Upholstery Cleaning
Absolutely delighted with the lounge carpet and suite. Happily recommend to my family and friends.
5/5  ·  25th February 2020 by of Meppershall
Upholstery Cleaning
Suite looks superb. A first class job!  
5/5  ·  4th September 2019 by of Ampthill
Upholstery Cleaning
We are very pleased with the work you carried out on our Ercol suite. It looks so much fresher.
5/5  ·  2nd September 2019 by of Pulloxhill
Upholstery Cleaning
Thankyou for a great job on our suite- the sofa and chair look wonderful.
5/5  ·  9th March 2019 by of Flitwick
Upholstery Cleaning
Excellent results with a friendly professional service - would highly recommend
5/5  ·  5th March 2019 by of Barton-Le-Clay
Upholstery Cleaning
Steve and Jan cleaned my suite to perfection. Very pleased and would recommend to all. Good job done.
5/5  ·  4th December 2018 by of Maulden
Upholstery Cleaning
Great job!
5/5  ·  22nd July 2018 by of Barton-Le-Clay
Upholstery Cleaning
I had my sofas cleaned, very pleased with the job, lovely people.
5/5  ·  14th July 2018 by of Toddington
Upholstery Cleaning
Have used Steve many times and have also recommend him.  Very satisfied and great value.
5/5  ·  29th May 2018 by of Flitwick
Upholstery Cleaning
Thank you for a job well done. Excellent results.
5/5  ·  23rd April 2018 by of Meppershall
Upholstery Cleaning
The upholstery started to look cleaner as soon as you started.
5/5  ·  1st March 2018 by of Harlington
Upholstery Cleaning
Very happy with the sofas.
5/5  ·  7th January 2018 by of Kempston
Upholstery Cleaning
I can't believe how much brighter my suite looks. The colours really stand out.
5/5  ·  2nd December 2017 by of Silsoe
Upholstery Cleaning
Hi Steve, just rang mum. She was really pleased with the upholstery cleaning and all that you did for her, so just wanted to say a big thank you for that.
5/5  ·  17th November 2017 by of Meppershall
Leather Cleaning
Steven was recommended to us by a friend and was highly delighted when he offered us a time immediately to give us a free estimate. This we accepted and Steven arrived promptly as arranged and cleaned our leather suite which was in need of his care and attention. We were delighted with the finished product and has made such a difference in our lounge which has recently been decorated. Steven was extremely knowledgeable and could advise the best products to use for care and maintenance.
5/5  ·  16th October 2017 by of Shillington
Leather Cleaning
Thank you Steve..... a dramatic improvement that bought the old sofa back to life. Over the years it has suffered from cracking and fading. Your on-site colour restoration service has restored it to very near its original colour. I'm so pleased to be able to get many more years out of a family favourite.    
5/5  ·  2nd October 2017 by of Luton
Upholstery Cleaning
Very happy with the way the suite now looks.
5/5  ·  28th September 2017 by of Barton-Le-Clay
Upholstery Cleaning
Our three piece suite looks a lot cleaner now, should have had it done a long time ago. thanks
5/5  ·  29th June 2017 by of Hitchin
Upholstery Cleaning
I’d like to thank Steve for the superb job he did on cleaning my suite.  What a difference. Well done!
5/5  ·  28th September 2016 by of Maulden
Upholstery Cleaning
Our sofas have come up looking brand new. I would definitely recommend them.

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