Carpet Deodorisation, Sanitising & Disinfecting

The most frequent comment on finishing a job is for the homeowner to tell us that their house smells lovely.  As far as our customers are concerned, their carpets or upholstery must smell clean as well as look clean but cleaning alone will not eliminate odours.   That is why as professional cleaners, deodorising is important to us.  However, deodorising differs according to the nature and source of the odour.  The right type of product should be applied in the correct manner: it can be added to the cleaning solution, surface sprayed, injected into the underlay or fogged into the air.

Urine odour

urine Urine odour has a chemical origin in the reactivation of alkaline salts of urea found in a dried urine stain.  This stain can produce an ammonia smell when re-activated by high humidity or moisture from cleaning.  The problem can be counteracted with an acidic deodoriser such as Urine Neutraliser which is specially formulated for neutralising and deodorising urine deposits in carpets and fabrics. If used rapidly, it can also prevent carpet staining.

Decomposition odours

deodorisers Decomposition odours from moulds, mildew, floods and food spillages are caused by bacterial decomposition, which usually occur when it is warm and humid. Cleaning can sometimes worsen this type of odour as it can with old urine deposits.  To counteract  this we add  Bacterial deodorisers These prove effective when added to the cleaning solution for mild odour problems but must be sprayed on in the case of  severe contamination.  These residual deodorisers are formulated so that they do not leave sticky residues otherwise rapid re-soiling would occur after cleaning.

Smoke odours 

smokeSmoke odours from fire and nicotine require a different approach. This type of odour neutraliser works by combining essential oil fragrances with organic compounds in the smoke residue. Most of the mild smoke odours found in carpets and fabrics can be treated by adding this type of odour neutraliser to the cleaning solution. severesmokeFor severe contamination, fogging units can be utilised to produce a fine micron size of odour neutraliser that penetrates carpets, fabrics and other contaminated surfaces.


All aspects of cleaning in a healthcare environment are important.  Too many first impressions of otherwise sound care homes are influenced negatively by the great waft of urine greeting visitors upon opening the front door. In the public’s view, offensive odours equates to a lack of cleaning.   However these offensive odours can be controlled if the right measures are put in place.

protectorsBy using our Odour Control System, it is possible to control malodours. There are 10 products in the range we use, such as Urine Neutraliser which is designed to deal with urine contamination.

Then there is Neutra-Soft, a 4 in 1 one carpet cleaner, urine neutraliser, deodoriser and rinse.


Sanitising and Disinfecting

However if the carpet to be cleaned is linked to a viral, bacterial, mould or fungal infection then we have a product for these as well.  This product is suitable for dealing with viruses and bacteria such as MRSA, E-Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and Hepatitis-B.

These are just four of the products that form part of our Odour Control System that, when used in conjunction with hot water extraction carpet cleaning equipment, produce superb results.