Stain resistant carpets

Up and down the country, carpet retailers are selling carpets that they claim are stain proof and can be cleaned with bleach. I’ve even seen pictures in magazines of children on carpets with an image of a bleach bottle. The impression is given that cleaning spots and stains with bleach should part of a regular maintenance programme carried out by the conscientious home owner. Well consider the following and then make up your mind.

Damage to the carpet backing caused by bleach

While carrying out stain and spot removal it is likely that some of the cleaning solution will soak down to the back of the carpet, especially on synthetic pile carpets such as “stain resistant” polypropylene. This means that although the face fibre can tolerate strong chemicals, the bleach will slide down the pile and potentially cause damage to the backing and underlay. If tracked around, there is a possibility of harm to other carpets that are not made with polypropylene, damaging their fibres and affecting their colours.

Bleach is dangerous for children and pets

Bleach can remain active  for a long time, so, do you know how to neutralise it? Most people don’t. If your pet walks over and sits on the area that has been bleach treated they could then suffer burns. What about babies crawling over or children playing on carpets that have had bleach applied to them, why put these vulnerable groups at risk?

Bleach is not good for your lungs

And remember that while you are applying bleach to a stain you are breathing it in, which is bad for your respiratory system. Bleach can cause other side effects including burns to your skin, damage to your nervous system,  migraines, vomiting, asthma attacks and don’t forget that it was used as chemical weapon in WW1.

Bleach is an environmental polluter

Bleach accumulates over time and pollutes the water system. It is taken up by micro-organisms which are food for bigger species, and then up the food chain it accumulates as ever increasing levels of toxins.

Bleach is not a cleaner!

As a disinfectant, bleach is a good product however it is not a detergent and is  no better at cleaning than plain old water.

It smells awful as well…….

And don’t forget, if you can smell bleach then it is undoubtedly causing you harm!


By contacting our helpline on 01582 882620 or by e-mailing we can give advice on stain removal.