POGs Paint Oil and Grease Removers

Paint, Oil and Grease removers have conventially contained unpleasant solvents to tackle mineral oil and grease based stains, however the product we now use is an Eco Friendly plant derived bio-solvent made from a renewable resource.  What’s more it is water rinseable, has a low vapour hazard, is of low oral toxicity, completely bio-degrades and is non-flammable.  Despite being Eco Friendly and not containing unpleasant solvents associated with similar products, we believe it out performs them.  Along with oil and grease it can tackle a diverse range of stains including glues, nail polish, paint, wood dye, felt-tip, wax, ball-point ink, tar, shoe polish, graffiti, resins, mastic and many other solvent soluble stains.
Why should cleaning up stains make our environment dirtier when eco-friendly stain removers are available!