Maintaining Your Leather Suite

Dirt and body oils that remain on the leather surface for prolonged periods are the main cause of damage to leather furniture with dye transfer being of particular concern to owners of pale coloured and white or cream suites.

The best way to ensure your leather remains in the best condition is to ensure that it is kept clean.

Pigment Coated Leather (may also be known as Protected, Finished)

Over time, dirt and body oils can destroy the finish applied at the tannery.  This finish protects the leather surface.  Once this finish has broken down it means expensive repair bills. Keeping your leather dirt free will prolong the life of the finish and for this reason we recommend the use of a Lazy Leather.

Lazy Leather is a simple to use and very effective product for maintaining your leather furniture and it should only take 5 minutes to maintenance clean the average sofa.

Regular use of Lazy Leather on the high wear areas (this is maintenance cleaning) will ensure that soiling (and dye transfer) is not allowed to build up.  The protection element left on the surface will help to resist staining from spills and make cleaning more effective each time.

Lazy Leather contains everything necessary to clean, protect and maintain your leather in excellent condition if used from new or as a maintenance product between professional deep cleaning.

For all leather suites, especially sensitive or pale coloured ones, an application of  a Leather Protector (Scotchguard) from new and after each clean will give the leather a great protective barrier.

Heavily soiled, pigment coated leathers will benefit from a professional deep clean before beginning a Lazy Leather maintenance regime.


Aniline Style Leather

This is a very absorbent leather and spillages can cause permanent stains that will be expensive or maybe impossible to remove Lazy Leather can be used as a maintenance cleaner, particularly if used in conjunction with Leather Protector, and it will help prolong the life of your leather.

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150ml – £18.00

250ml- £24.00

500ml- £36.00

1ltr-      £54.00


Shake the bottle well before use. Spray Lazy Leather directly on to the leather and wipe over quickly and evenly with a soft cloth.  Change your cloth as it becomes soiled.  Lazy Leather dries within a few minutes and your furniture can be used immediately once dry.


Lazy Leather can be used on all leather finishes except for Nubuck or Suede.


By contacting our helpline on 01582 882620 or by e-mailing we can give advice on the best method of cleaning your leather suite.  For further information about keeping leather clean and supple, then click on our article about Leather Conditioning.