Latest News- New Eco Friendly Products

For the last year we have been trialling a new range of Eco Friendly detergent-free cleaning products .  These Eco Friendly products  will now be our “go to” cleaning products as we believe they are even better than conventional detergents.  The main product in our range and the one we are now using on 95% of the carpet and upholstery fabrics we clean uses advanced biotechnology techniques along with powerful natural molecular technology and is:

  •  manufactured from 100% plant based materials
  • fully biodegradable
  • has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
  • non-toxic to humans, pets and aquatic life
  • free of detergents, solvents, phosphates, ammonia, animal products, enzymes, artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals, alcohol, harmful ingredients

It meets and exceeds all current regulatory standards and is one of the “greenest” cleaning solutions available today. It does not contain compounds considered toxic to the customer or the environment and is at the forefront of nanotechnology and cleans without compromising performance or safety. Further more it allows highly efficient cleaning to take place using a lot less water than conventional detergents and without the need for that water to be heated thus further reducing its carbon footprint.

We believe that the use of eco-friendly products will play a significant part in reducing the impact on the environment for the better and perhaps play a role in helping our planet to eventually self- heal.

By contacting our helpline on 01582 882620 or by e-mailing we can give you further information on our Eco-Friendlier products.