Carpets need regular cleaning.

We all know that servicing once a year is good for your car. It means you get trouble-free motoring for longer. Because parts are oiled, they don’t wear out so quickly and their performance is maintained, which adds to the enjoyment of owning a car.
Even the best cars in the world still need servicing. This fact doesn’t make them any less attractive.
So why is it that some carpet manufacturers and retailers infer that carpets do not require a regular clean and all that is needed is vacuuming?
If a high end car manufacturer announces that their cars don’t need servicing, would they sell more? Maybe in the short term, but after a year or two when performance drops and they start breaking down, their reputation would be questioned. Customers are turned off by poor reliability and sales would undoubtedly drop.
In my opinion this has contributed to the sharp rise in the popularity of  so-called ‘stain free and easy clean’ synthetic carpets.
Because carpets are good at hiding soil and trapping allergens and pollutants this contributes to the myth that they don’t need cleaning. They have the ability to act like a giant filter, however,this ‘filter’ needs to be cleaned regularly for it to be effective. Regular maintenance will extend the life of a carpet by removing the grit and dirt that abrade the fibres, causing loss of pile and flattening.
Another important issue is appearance. Eventually all carpet fibres lose their lustre, colour and definition when sticky and oily soils attach themselves to the pile. This type of soil enters our homes on our shoes and through pollutants in the air and cannot be removed by vacuuming alone but will require wet cleaning.
Extensive research carried out by the WoolSafe Organisation into the effects of maintenance on carpet appearance found that even though regular vacuuming helped slow down soiling, the carpet’s overall appearance continued to deteriorate. However, if the carpet was annually wet cleaned then the carpet’s appearance was maintained at a constant level. The great news is that a carpet carefully maintained can look great almost indefinitely