Big is Better

Some people think that cleaning carpets and upholstery is just a matter of purchasing a DIY machine off the internet and away you go.  However, the cruel reality is that you will damage your soft furnishings.  The main problem is that these machines are severely underpowered and have nowhere near the performance in the pump or vacuum motors that come anywhere near the capabilities of even a low end commercial machine.  The top end machines that we use can easily deliver 600psi of solution pressure and by using two 8.4″ vacuum motors recover 90-95% of  the rinse water along with the dirt, leaving the carpets almost touch dry.  It’s also worth stating that carpet and upholstery cleaning is a science that unless mastered can trip up the unwary, causing very expensive mistakes that can rarely be rectified. All furnishing cleaners worth their salt will have gone on numerous industry courses that will prevent these mistakes and at the same time achieve high end results.  Lets not forget that the purpose of carpet and upholstery cleaning is exactly that and by using the correct methods, products and machinery then the maximum amount of dirt is extracted from your furnishings.  Conversely, underpowered DIY machines are unable to extract any where near the amount of dirt that a commercial machine can remove, leaving the remainder to sink to the base of the pile along with the detergent forming a chemical soup that can wick back up the carpet leaving it looking worse that before you started. Another problem is that the cleaning solutions that are likely to be supplied with DIY machines are old hat detergents and are far to strong.  These days, we mainly use plant based Eco Friendler products that are child and pet friendly and if a stronger product is required then it usually has many of the chemicals associated with the old style detergents stripped out.  In short, by using a well trained professional you will get a superior result.


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